18 Insightful Ideas About Lesbian Sexual Activity From “The Lesbian Handbook” 1966

Today we bring you another list inspired by one of those fake 60s sociological studies of human sexuality written by a pulp fiction author posing as a doctor. Last week we looked at “A New Look at the Lesbian” from 1963 and this week we bring you 1966 Lesbian Handbook. This paperback comes to us from Dale Brittenham, MD, one of many names used by the esteemed author of Sexpot Campus and Appointment by gender, who began her writing career after losing her job as a high school English teacher for having affairs with her students.

Below are statements about lesbian sex ruthlessly ripped out of context. This book specifically promised to expose “lesbian activity in all its deviant forms” which meant, of course, “sex.” All of the case studies contained in and cited below have most likely been completely fabricated. I am sure you will find it very informative.

18 insightful ideas about lesbian sex The Lesbian Handbook, including “case study” sections made up of “real lesbians”.

1. If several women are gathered in prison, their erotic indecency, even closely watched, increases in cubic relation; and when they are locked together, scenes take place that are far beyond the compass of any imagination.

2. They made love in each girl’s bedroom when no one was home, they made love in barns, in wooded areas, and finally they found out where they could be alone. almost certainly: in the church.

3. The main attraction of the circus is the sight of lesbians having sex on stage, in plain view.

4. Some lesbians only assume the female role in love, allowing themselves to be loved without ever really taking the active role with their partners. These women are called women, and their appearance is often deceptive.

5. There are women who would rather do almost anything else in the sun than have sex with a man.

6. Two women will meet, find themselves in love with each other, and from there they take the step to establish a permanent relationship, live together and enjoy sex as often as they want. But since they are both initially unstable, it is almost certain that the affair will be short-lived.

7. Parents of teenage girls in the Hollywood area are warned to make sure their daughters do not strike up a conversation with strange women, as there have been numerous cases of lesbian seduction that began with such an innocent encounter.

8. She said she had always been indifferent to men. In fact, she dodged bullets. The female statues appealed to him.

9. Before the declaration of love is made, there may be an elaborate courtship, with the active lesbian behaving much like a stunned teenager.

ten. It is true that Sapphism is also found in fairly young girls, but only if they live in brothels or girls’ colleges.

11. Breast stimulation is the most common form of sexual indulgence among lesbians.

12. Girls who are sensitive to seduction are, of course, the ones who are willing to strike up conversations with lesbian-budding lesbians.

13. Lesbians have shown a higher incidence of successful orgasms than comparable groups of married women, which may seem surprising at first glance until it is remembered that a woman is more likely to understand the physical nature of his partner in love when this partner is another woman than a woman. male, and she is more likely to understand female psychology.

14. This woman was also somewhat sadistic, as she bit and scratched Cora around the waist and on the shoulder. Cora felt that made the whole affair quite unpleasant, but was disappointed when she stopped.

15. The woman initiated the practice of mutual masturbation, and they spent hours in mutual hugs whenever they had the chance.

16. They have sex almost every day and each encounter lasts five to six hours. The nurse takes that long to reach a climax, but Sharon can have up to fifteen during their lovemaking.

17. Most lesbians don’t use their bodies directly for stimulation most of the time. Their sexual energy is drained by fondling, hand-holding, and other seemingly innocent activities.

18. It is significant that many girls who come into contact with lesbianism in this way offer little or no resistance to the love offered to them.