How much do you spend on a meal? So save on expenses!

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In addition to overheads and any rentals, one of the most important expenses of the month is household money, cash. Depending on the number and needs of family members, this item amounts to tens of thousands of forints, but often well in excess of one hundred thousand forints. It also matters a lot about what you buy, where, how and when you buy them, and how you use them. If you want to streamline your expenses, our tips will help you ease the burden on your family cashier. Come with us!

Shop Smart! – Where do you get the raw materials?

Shop Smart! - Where do you get the raw materials?

You can help your wallet a lot by getting the right ingredients from the right place. Not just supermarkets to choose from, indeed! You may want to explore nearby markets where you can get high quality fresh produce from producers buy. Prepare with textile bags so that you do not pack fruits and vegetables in plastic so you can protect the environment.

When you shop in a supermarket, you have to pay for the bags in more places, so if you carry a few with you, you can save some. If you like gardening, you may want to think about your own small garden, but you can do it on the windowsill as well: many herbs feel very good there.

Timing Matters A lot – When to Buy?

Timing Matters A lot - When to Buy?

If you plan your time well and plan ahead for cooking, you can decide whether to buy products with an earlier expiry date, which are often on sale. You can even freeze some.

You should also follow the promotions, as you can prepay for commonly used ingredients: canned food, durable food is a good idea. Feel free to take the coupons as well! Make sure you keep them organized in one place so you don’t have to rush through them before shopping. Group them by expiration date!

Avoid buying impulses! – Write a shopping list!

Avoid buying impulses! - Write a shopping list!

The big enemy of your wallet is impulse buying. Therefore, it is important that you do not go hungry for shopping because your eyes often want more than you really need. Save money by writing your shopping list beforehand and sticking strictly to it.

Sort out the order of importance of the ingredients so that the most essential ones will be added to your shopping cart, and the rest you can get later. Think about what item you are buying: sometimes the larger packaging is worth more, but you may not need it all!